Media and its influence…

I know, I know this is a bit controversial talking about forms of media when I am literally typing and posting this on a form of media! But this is something that is really touching on my heart and in a lot of my conversations recently. Do we rely on media for our understanding of the world and are we easily influenced by social media?

We live in a world where everything is accessible by a click of a button within seconds. That’s scary, I mean really scary! Turn on any news channel or news bulletins and its all negative and driven to put fear in our hearts. Currently any channel reporting news globally is geared toward the war in Ukraine, current financial crisis and the after effects of Covid. While all of these are awful and life changing situations and impact all of us in some way, its hard to continue to watch this day in day out and find any positivity. We’ve had a seriously horrific few years all over the world and many in society are fearful of the future.

In this fear many are either turning away from God or running towards HIm. Obviously we want to be running toward Him with arms wide open calling out His name, asking for forgiveness and where we fit into His plan. “ Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you”. (Deuteronomy 31:6). But some, in times of heartache and pain don’t feel able to sadly. So watching the likes of the news and reading papers regarding these horrible world situations can really impact on the whole person, particularly mentally.

Now if we add in social media on top of this, well its a recipe for disaster! Social media is possibly more impactive due to the rise of influencers and also close friends being readily available on these platforms. “ Those who cling to worthless idols turn away form God’s love for them”. (Jonah 2:8). You know what it’s like it turns in to endless pointless scrolling and throwing your phone out of reach as you’ve annoyed yourself with all the negativity you’ve seen. It can be detrimental to our youths as well. So why do we rely on something that is very clearly inaccurate or a false narrative. I’m going to say social conditioning – we’ve been conditioned to listen to others and assume that it is a way of life even if it isn’t a true form of our daily lives. Why do we believe others who have no experience or evidence to be believed? Social conformity – we all want to be liked and accepted by our peers and not all our peers are as accepting of God as they are a social influencer or politician!

So what can we do in these times, turn to God! Ask for his help through prayer and reading scriptures. Lean in to your church setting and get support from others within that setting that may understand your struggle surrounding social conformity and trying to be different in a sea of similar fish. God will always be with you, He will always provide you with guidance when the time is right! He will never leave you and never judge you! His love is faithful and never ending. All you have to do is ask for support from your one true friend, the Lord our Saviour.

Blessings, Zoe x

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